2024-2025 School Year Tuition & Fees



Activity & Technology Fee

*Due May 31

Sports Fee

*Per sport

New Student Application

4-year-old Kindergarten $6,085 Waived None $25
K5–4th Grade
$7,825 $225 None $25
Middle School
5th–6th Grade
$9,170 $250 $150 first sport,
additional sport at 50%
Junior High School
7th–8th Grade
$9,555 $275 $175 for first sport,
additional sport at 50%
High School
9th–12th Grade
$10,520 $325 $200 for first sport,
additional sport at 50%

Payment Options


Payment of tuition in full by August 1, 2024. Automatic withdrawal


Sixty percent (60%) payment of tuition by August 1, 2024, and remaining 40% payment of tuition to FACTS by January 2, 2025. Automatic withdrawals. FACTS will assess a service fee of $20.


Payment of tuition to FACTS utilizing the 11-month FACTS monthly tuition payment plan. Monthly tuition payments are due on either the 5th or 20th of each month, June through April by Electronic Funds Transfer. FACTS will assess a one-time service fee of $50 per account.

Financial Policy

Annual financial obligation is prorated on a quarterly basis for early withdrawal or expulsion. All fees are non-refundable and must be paid in full at time of enrollment or acceptance by CCA, unless otherwise specified. Any family contract canceled by FACTS renders the balance of the FACTS contract plus any fees due and payable immediately to CCA. Any account that is delinquent will result in suspension of students until the account is brought up to date at the discretion of the administration. A $30 service charge will be assessed for each returned check. A late fee of $25 will be assessed for accounts 1-30 days overdue, $45 for accounts 31-60 days overdue, and $65 for accounts 61-90 days overdue. Payment schedule changes will incur a fee of $15.

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